New words


Hey! As I have not written a new post since a while, I suggest to stop the silence with two new short stories. Their names are “La BĂȘte” (The Beast) and “Entre deux murs” (Between two walls) and you can find them in the Short story writing section of this site, with some little summaries.

See you soon!


Let’s keep in contact!

close up of metal chain on white background with details showing in metal

Hey! A new game is presented on this website: Linx! Do not hesitate to check its page, in the Video Game section. It is the first time I worked on a puzzle game and with the Toxic Racoon Team and, well, it was awesome! Watching people playing to your puzzles and considering their way to find different solutions is a great experience.

Here is a little game’s trailer:

See you soon!

Burn my dread


Hiya! First of all, if you have not listen to the Shoji Meguro’s music, go for it!

It’s done? Cool. Know we can speak a little about Will-o-the-Wisp, a game realised in order to participate to the Imagine Cup 2013 competition (organised by Microsoft). It was pretty interesting and pleasant to work on it, so I hope you will have that much pleasure viewing the following videos about it!

You can learn a little more about Will-o-the-Wisp in this website’s Video game section.

See you soon!

Design – OPD’s bases


Hi there! Today I would like to talk a little with you about a method of design and communication : the One Page Design (or OPD to make it more simple). The idea is that a normal person will not really be pleased to have to read thirty pages of design’s documents each days. Well, a simple page can relay a feature – or even a game depending of the information’s precision. Surely, an attractive document – using colors, right disposition, simple formulation… – would also be more efficient. Here is a little example of my OPD practice.


As you can see, I used drawings, colours and simple descriptions to show a game’s feature. There are also bad points on this example: the disposition of the informations is not really right (a viewer can easily be lost in the document’s discovery / going left to right would have been better), some pictures have not real interest and make the document quite confusing, etc. But well, it shows you the method’s principle.

Oh and hey! As you noticed, the post’s name has a little “Design” quote. I currently plan to write little articles like this one to show some notions I just learn or think about. It will not be as well-grounded as an analysis (like the Game’s Environment one) but will give more variety to the news.
Other point about the changes on this website: a section Things is now available. Do not hesitate to go take a look to it, in the Misc. part of the site.

See you soon!

Town planning


Hey! Here is a little post to present you some tests made with 3DS Max and UDK.

The first one is a simple exercise. I had to convert and arrange some Sketchup objects with 3DS Max in order to use them directly on UDK. It was more a first approach than anything else, but well, it was interesting. You can see the rendering with that little video.

The second one was done with some other students. In order to use a little Kismet, Matinee and all those UDK’s tools, we worked on a Gears of War map called The Hole. The map is not polished – a few covers do not present optimal use or situation and many graphisms are missing – but quite functional. The exercise itself was pretty interesting as an approach of the Gears of War’s editor and the way developers “cheat” with their tools, in order to change the player’s experience. As the map is not polished but takes like 20 minutes to be finished by a standard player, I think that it is not really of interest to show you a complete walkthrough. Well, do not worry, here is a trailer!

See you soon!

A new bug on the Internet


Hi there! I am currently taking a free day after a two weeks video game production, and let me tell you that it was a real pleasure to work on this project. The game is called Bzzzzz, and you can read a little more about it in the Video Game section of this website. Some new works have been added on my DeviantArt too, so do not hesitate to click on the Digital Art section and say a little hello!

See you soon!